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Women, Peace and Security and Displacement in the Middle East

This joint policy report of the LSE Middle East Centre and GAPS was launched in Parliament in July 2019 at an event of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women, Peace and Security. The report is the result of extensive discussions at a workshop organised by the LSE Middle East Centre in Jordan in September 2018 with national and international experts. The workshop focused on the gendered impacts of displacement and how the Women, Peace and Security agenda can be used to address the issue of conflict-related displacement better. The discussions highlighted that the Middle East’s existing National Action Plans to implement the Women, Peace and Security agenda remain limited in addressing conflict-related displacement and its long-term gendered implications.

This report offers insights and provides recommendations to support responses to displacement to be gender-sensitive, and to integrate the displacement and Women, Peace and Security agendas through addressing the differential rights, needs and experiences of displaced women, girls, and men and boys.

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