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Feminist pacifist, peacebuilder and human rights defender and, Political and Alliances (Principal) Manager of the CIASE Corporation, expert in Women, peace and security, with years of work in gender issues, diversity, and dialogues and mediation. She is one of the founders and part of the Collective of thought and action Women, peace and security.  She has been a consultant on several occasions on security issues and feminist approach and has won several awards among which it is worth mentioning the Marsh Christian Trust and Wilton Park award for her work as a woman peacebuilder. She is a member of the 1325 Alliance in Colombia, of the WASL International Network and is currently the spokesperson delegated by the National Summit of Women and Peace in the National Commission of Security Guarantees. It is worth mentioning her permanent work with the National Coordination of Indigenous Women CONAMIC and currently in CIASE she is working in the territories on the nexus between gender, diversity, and ethnicity and the nexus between climate change and environment. Also one of her interests is the issue of Intersectionality for the realization of impact indicators in public policy that account for significant changes in the lives of women.

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