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Beyond Women, Peace and Security: Developing a Feminist Vision of Foreign Policy

Beyond Women, Peace and Security – Developing a Feminist Vision for Foreign Policy . In this Briefing, GAPS explores the concept and framework of Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP), asking what is required for Foreign Policy to be feminist in both conceptual and practical terms. It provides five key recommendations that foreign policy stakeholders must meet to take an FFP approach.

This briefing discusses the context and history of FFP globally, as well as the relationship between FFP and Women, Peace, and Security. It also considers what potential there is for such an approach here in the UK and what changes must be made both to foreign and domestic policy for this to be possible. The briefing provides an argument that disruption of systems and structures of power is the required starting point for FFP approaches and that it is possible for FFP to provide an overall framework for holding Governments to account in the aspiration towards sustainable and inclusive peace, and security at the personal, and societal levels. 

This briefing is the first part of a series exploring the linkages between Feminist Foreign Policy and Women, Peace and Security and how to understand and realise a vision of FFP across thematic and geographical contexts. 


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