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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women, Peace and Security

Registered in 2006, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women, Peace and Security (APPG-WPS) is a forum for the discussion and analysis of issues relating to Women, Peace and Security. It brings together parliamentarians, policy makers and civil society. The APPG-WPS is focused on the UK Government’s implementation of Women, Peace and Security commitments, including UN Security Council Resolution 1325. It promotes the vital role women play in peacebuilding, conflict resolution and post conflict reconstruction around the world and highlights the impact of violence and conflict on women and girls across the world.

The APPG secretariat is hosted by Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS).

Officers and Members

The APPG is chaired by Baroness Fiona Hodgson of Abinger CBE and Mrs Flick Drummond MP.

View a list of members of the APPG-WPS.

Activities and Meetings

In partnership, the APPG-WPS is a resource to :

– Raise the profile of Women, Peace and Security issues across Westminster and Whitehall;
– Support and create strong and vibrant networks to improve collaborative working amongst our members and partners;
– Share information, lessons learned and best practice;
– Strengthen the UK Government’s implementation of and approach to Women, Peace and Security;
– Build the understanding of parliamentarians and civil society to support their effective advocacy, advice and scrutiny of implementing UK Government departments.

The APPG-WPS hosts the UK Government’s annual Report to Parliament on Women, Peace and Security, a crucial tool for holding the government to account on its Women, Peace and Security commitments. The annual Report to Parliament is an opportunity for parliamentarians and civil society to monitor, assess and question the UK Government’s work on Women, Peace and Security.

Past successes include hosting meetings for human rights activists and foreign government officials committed to delivering the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative agenda, supporting the MOD to mainstream WPS into its doctrine, and giving a platform for Afghan civil society to speak directly to policy makers during the Afghanistan London Conference. The APPG-WPS has held meetings on thematic and country-specific Women, Peace and Security issues including on Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Northern Ireland.

2020 Meetings

7 January: 2020 Inaugural Meeting of the APPG on Women, Peace and Security
4 February: “Feminist Leadership and Inclusive Peacebuilding” with GAPS, the APPG on Sudan and South Sudan and Oxfam
3 March: “International Women’s Day 2020: Brave women on the frontlines of peace and rights” with GAPS, the APPG on Human Rights and Amnesty International UK                                                                        23 May: “Call to Action: Now and the Future, COVID-19 and Gender Equality, Global Peace and Security” with GAPS

2019 Meetings

21 January: “Assessing UK Government Progress on Women, Peace and Security in 2018” with GAPS
7 March: “Women Mediators across the Commonwealth: experiences and stories from around the globe” with the network of Women Mediators across the Commonwealth and GAPS
18 March: “Paying the Price: women and girls in Yemen’s war” with the APPG for Yemen, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and GAPS
3 April: “The Global Humanitarian Landscape: how the UN is addressing crises in Yemen and across the world” with the APPG on the United Nations, the APPG for Yemen, and the APPG on Global Security and Non-Proliferation
5 June: “Gender, Conflict and Access to Medical Care: mothers and children in Yemen”
18 June: “Life in Limbo: adolescent girls in crisis and conflict” with Plan International UK, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), ActionAid UK and GAPS
10 July
: “Gender and Conflict in the Middle East: what next for Women, Peace and Security and displacement?” with the LSE Middle East Centre, the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security and GAPS
21 October: 2019 Annual General Meeting

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